Withies (willow Sticks)

Withies have been used in schools, colleges and universities for decades, providing students with a flexible natural material for the creation of armatures, models and sculptures in art, 3D design and modelling.

Withies, otherwise known as willow sticks, are 1.5-1.8 Metres (5-6ft) in length, ideal for use with both small and large structures, inside and outside. They are perfect for creating large armatures for subsequent modelling with Mod-Roc, paper, textiles and other similar modelling materials. All withies have been cut from a sustainable source.

Abacus Resources stock two types of withies - Brown Unstripped and Buff Stripped.

Brown Unstripped

For creating outdoor work and sculptures, we recommend Brown, Unstripped Willow. These sticks all still have their bark on to give protection against the elements. Willow products should still be treated when left outdoors for long periods of time, unless of course they are growing.
Before using, soak in warm water for 24hours, to make them pliable.

Buff Stripped

For creating indoor sculptures, lanterns or a framework to attach paper tissue and masking tape to, Buff Stripped Willow is the perfect willow for these projects. The smoothness of the rod enables you to stick paper tissue and masking tape to it easily and it is incredibly lightweight, flexible and strong enabling you to make quite large-scale structures and sculptures. We recommend lengths of 5 to 6 foot upwards, so you will have some thicknesses of rod at the butt end for stability.
Before using, soak in warm water for 2 - 3 hours to make the sticks pliable.

Withies (willow Sticks)