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Montana Water Based 300 Spray Paints are an awesome addition to the Abacus Resources range!

Water Based 300, is a revolutionary water-based spray paint - low pressure and, above all, its low odour which makes it the perfect tool for studio, classroom or indoor work. This spray paint can be used without the need for a spray booth and extraction system.
Due to its composition, it is an incredibly versatile paint that may be utilised with various techniques. The paints have similar properties to those of MTN 94 in terms of finish, pressure, coverage and dry time, but the low solvent content means the intensity of its scent is minimal, thus decreasing its impact in enclosed spaces. In addition, before it’s completely dry, the paint can be erased with water or reworked with other techniques such as using a wet paint brush.

To use, simply shake the aerosol vigorously until you hear the sound of the mixing ball and spray onto the surface that you wish to paint. Allow for a few minutes of dry time between each coat. Water Based 300 makes it possible to paint lines of varying widths, ranging from 1 cm (PRO Cap) up to 10 cm (with the Hardcore Fat Cap).

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